I had a conversation with Jesus about my bio:

“Jesus?” I said. “Can you help me write my bio?”
Jesus said “Yep.”
“I find it really hard to write bios. I always feel an enormous amount of pressure to be sparkling and original.”
He gave me this withering sort of look.
“Being clever in your bio does not make you sparkling and original. It can only give you the appearance of sparkling originality… And I’m really not that big on appearances.”
I said “…”
“Also, you should reconcile yourself to the fact that you will never actually be sparkling. That is reserved for the bioluminescent fauna.”

We were silent. I thought about what makes me who I am, and I thought about our culture’s preoccupation with manufacturing image – my own tendency to get hung up on what I look like, rather than who I am.

“So…” I finally asked, “Can I still be original?”
“Like a beautiful snowflake?”
“Like a beautiful snowflake.”


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